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We dont have 31 diferent strains from Flying-dutchmen in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Afghanica AKA Kabul Baba stock:Available
Amsterdam Mist stock:Available
Arctic Sun stock:Available
Aurora B stock:Available
Blueberry Skunk stock:Available
Dame Blanche stock:Available
Dutch Delight stock:Available
Dutchmens Royal Orange stock:Available
Early Durban stock:Available
Edelwei� stock:Available
Flying Dragon stock:Available
Fuma con Dios stock:Available
G Force stock:Available
Haleys Comet stock:Available
Haze Mist stock:Available
Kerala Krush stock:Available
Nepal Kush stock:Available
Pineapple Punch stock:Available
Pot of Gold stock:Available
Power Skunk stock:Available
Skunk #1 stock:Available
Skunk Classic stock:Available
Swazi Safari stock:Available
Temple Haze stock:Available
Thai-Tanic stock:Available
The original Haze stock:Available
The Pure stock:Available
The Real Mc Coy stock:Available
Titans Haze AKA Fuma con Diablos stock:Available
Voyager stock:Available
White Widow stock:Available